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Let's get Gwimpy!

Find the perfect app for your child


Telling the Time

Learning how to tell the time takes practice, and practice makes perfect. So with Gwimpy guiding you and keeping the score for the child no one gets upset...


Blending CVC words

Give your child a head start on reading! Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers ages 2-5, Gwimpy is a fun and educational game that helps develop letter...


Nursery Rhymes

Make learning fun and engaging for your little one with Gwimpy Nursery Rhymes, the delightful interactive app that sparks essential skills without feeling...


ABC draw

This very elementary app helps children learn how to draw out the alphabet on the screen. The programme guides children with a direction shown by the...



Jigsaw puzzles from Gwimpy helps your child with: cognitive skills, fine motor etc...  


Phonics phase 2 Blending

Give your child a head start in reading with Gwimpy's Phase-Two Blending app! Here's how the fun unfolds: - See & Hear: Children see letters and hear...


Word Spell ABC Phonics

This application is a 'one-stop' preschool literacy program for writing, recognising and constructing words phonically.



Have you ever had a surge of anxiety about your child facing the paraphernalia of phonics? Relax; you do not need a linguistics degree to reach the first...


Phonics Phase 2 Letters

Learn the first letters children encounter, 

Interactive Learning: Trace and match playful letter drawings to build recognition skills.

Engaging Animations: 


Animal Concentration

This is Gwimpy's first forage into AR, so what better way than to produce a 3D animal matching game? You turn over a card to reveal the animal and find the twin.


Number Shape & Color

A gentle, fun way to introduce your child to numbers.

An elementary and enjoyable introduction to numbers from 0 to 9.


Letter Formation

Each letter of the alphabet is presented within their family i.e. "long ladder", "one armed robot", "curly caterpillar" and "zigzag". These families...



Age old format for a game, but powerful. Gwimpy has selected a range of three letter words (Consonant, Vowel, Consonant) that are frequently used in early stages of learning. 


Letter Recognition

This programme has been developed in line with the UK National Curriculum. The letter progression is presented in a precise order to mirror the suggested...



Help your child construct three letter words from the phonic alphabet.


Writing Letters

Help your child master their ABCs with Writing Letters, a fun and educational app

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