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Hello. I’m Gwimpy

I hope you enjoy your stay on this website. Make sure you rummage through the apps below and download and play a few.

Nursery Rhymes

The very best traditional and modern rhymes to interact with and play along to:


Word Spell ABC and Phonics

A preschool literacy app for writing letters, recognising letters and constructing words phonically.


Letter writing

Getting your child onto the first step of literacy with a colourful and fun programme designed for children to recognise the alphabet and develop their fine motor skills.

Word spell with phonics

With over 50 early words to work with, this should get your child racing through, as a starter why not get them to match the appropriate phonic sounds with letters?


From sorting and matching to counting and finally writing numbers all the basics to get you started


Shapes come in all shapes and sizes!

Rhymes by Gwimpy...

Must all learning be hard work?

Always best to learn essential skills while having fun without realising it! This delightful interactive nursery rhyme app does just that.

Helping develop:

  • Language and communication through songs and rhyme

  • Emerging literacy skills through singing nursery rhymes

  • Math skills through counting and recognising shapes

  • Social skills through singing and recounting a verse.


The application currently includes the following:

Doctor Foster

Humpty Dumpty

Hickory Hickory Dock

The Grand old Duke of York

Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat

This little Pig

Hey Diddle, Diddle

Twinkle, Twinkle

Row, Row, Row the Boat

Georgie Porgie

Little Miss Muffet

Five Little Speckled Frogs

Five Little Monkeys

Jack & Jill

Five Little Ducks

Old MacDonald

The Big Ship Sailed

Piggy on the Railway

The list will expand at intervals, so accept the updates!

Simulator Screen Recording - iPhone 14 Pro Max - 2022-11-07 at 11.33.14.gif
Gwimpy Rhymes


Phonemes, what are they?

Have you ever had a surge of anxiety about your child facing the paraphernalia of phonics? Well, relax, you do not need a degree in linguistics to get to grips with the first stage. In fact with a brief introduction of the basics your child will soon be having creative fun with words, as any child should.


So a phoneme is the smallest unit of sound and your child will be taught about these as part of their phonics learning. There are forty five phonemes! Yes, a few more than twenty six letters of the alphabet.


Phonemes by Gwimpy will introduce your child to these sounds with the assistance of little helper who is also grappling to master them. The phoneme is pressed on the menu and the sound is reproduced with this sound being included in a word which is then reinforced by a short morphing of the phoneme into an object representing the word. That is it!


The test at the end randomly selects a phoneme so that your child can identify the sound with the written phoneme.


We hope you enjoy the learning and look forward to further journeys with Gwimpy and his little helper.

Letter writing

From shapes to letters!

This application is designed to help your child recognise and recall the letters of the alphabet. They also get the opportunity to trace each letter in lowercase, using either a finger or a stylus pen, this is discretely recorded and a picture of the shapes are displayed in a summary. Each letter is accompanied by the correct phonic sound and an illustration of an object which includes this letter. I hope your children enjoy the programme as much as my grand children do.


This application is complimented with Gwimpy Phonemes, the two should really be played in conjunction.

Letter Writing

Spelling with phonics

From sounds to words!

The child is presented with a picture of a familiar object or animal which is then spoken to confirm the name. The child can then select the letters as indicated at the centre of the screen, the letters are spoken in synthetic phonics to aid with the spelling of the word. When the child has picked the right letter in the right position they can then choose subsequent letters until they have finished spelling the whole word.


The words get more difficult and the app includes the whole synthetic alphabet which includes sh, ch, th, ck, ng, ee, oa, ow, oo, ie, air, ue, oi, ar, or.


All this with fantastic illustrations and great phonic sounds to help your child get a head start before they start school.


Numbers can be fun here is proof...

A very simple and enjoyable introduction to numbers from 0 to 9.


A first task for any budding mathematician is the curiosity of sorting and searching. This app accommodates this passion, by introducing them to shuffling different block lengths. Then moving onto recognising the number letter with the number of blocks. This is completed with a matching quiz.


The app then moves onto counting pigs and ducks and then testing the understanding of numbers with the letter number.


Finally the child can then practice writing the letter number shapes with a handy summary screen to show how they are getting on.



Shapes all around us..

This app is designed to introduce your child to the basic two and three dimensional shapes. The shapes are differentiated by the number of sides and a short quiz asks for confirmation that shapes can be matched, nothing too serious!


A concentration game is provided where the child needs to turn over the right cards to match the shapes. For the competitive amongst you there is a score card with a time for completion.


The nice bit about the programme is that you can trace over the individual shapes and get used to drawing different shapes. The summary section stores the latest drawing for each shape so that progress or squiggles can be determined!

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