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Gwimpy Rhymes

Sing, learn, play! Gwimpy Nursery Rhymes spark essential skills & endless giggles. Download now!

Gwimpy Rhymes

Make learning fun and engaging for your little one with Gwimpy Nursery Rhymes, the delightful interactive app that sparks essential skills without feeling like work!

Sing along to classic favourites like "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and "Humpty Dumpty" while fostering:

Language & Communication: Rhymes and songs help build vocabulary and communication skills.
Emerging Literacy: Singing nursery rhymes lays the foundation for early reading.
Math Skills: Counting and recognizing shapes appear playfully throughout the rhymes.
Social Skills: Singing and sharing rhymes together promotes social interaction.
And the Fun Doesn't Stop There!

Our ever-growing library includes rhymes like "Five Little Monkeys" and "The Grand Old Duke of York," with more added regularly. Watch for updates and watch your child blossom with Gwimpy Nursery Rhymes!

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