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Phonics phase two blending

Speak Up & Blend It Out!
Master the building blocks of reading; hear, see, and say simple words with fun pictures, building confidence and phonics skills.

Phonics phase two blending

Give your child a head start in reading with Gwimpy's Phase-Two Blending app!

Here's how the fun unfolds:

- See & Hear: Children see letters and hear them pronounced phonically.
- Speak Up! The speech button lets them record themselves saying the blended word.
- Match & Learn: Gwimpy gently guides them and celebrates their correct pronunciations.
- Engaging Practice: With adorable pictures and positive reinforcement, learning feels like play!

Benefits for your child:

- Master Blending Skills: A crucial step towards becoming a confident reader.
- Build Vocabulary: Learn new words and their sounds.
- Improve Pronunciation: Speak clearly and confidently.
- Love of Learning: Interactive play sparks a passion for reading.

**Download Gwimpy today and watch your child's reading skills soar! **

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